Cabin Crew Assesments

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Invite-only Assessment Day

To attend an assessment day, you must have either attended a CV drop or applied online and have received an invitation. If you have not been invited, you will not be allowed to stay for the Assessment Day.

Assessment Days

The Etihad Cabin Crew Recruitment team conduct assessments in numerous countries worldwide. In order to be shortlisted to attend one of these events, you will need to first complete an online application.

Wherever possible, please apply to the job posting for the specific location you wish to attend and do not apply to multiple locations. If you are unable to attend any of our planned Assessment Days, please submit your application via the ‘Cabin Crew Worldwide’ job posting outlining your preferred location of assessment.

Etihad has no affiliation with any Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant Academies, but students from such academies are welcome to apply.

Etihad and our recruiting partners would never request payment for any recruiting services.

We are aware that some people have had difficulty in uploading their CV during applications, we are working to fix this issue. If you have this problem and can’t finish the application, we are sorry and will help you to complete the application. Please send a screen grab of the error message with the following documents: CV, Passport copy, Full length picture and Passport size picture to we will help you complete the application.

Australia Assessment Day

TBC- Perth

Belgium Assessment Day

TBC- Brussels

Morocco Assessment Day

TBC- Marrakesh

Egypt Assessment Day

TBC- Cairo

UK Assessment Day

TBC- Manchester

Germany Assessment Day

TBC- Frankfurt

UAE Assessment Day

TBC- Abu Dhabi

Tunis Assessment Day

TBC- Tunisia

Italy Assessment Day

TBC- Milan

France Assessment day

TBC- Paris

Ireland Assessment Day

TBC- Dublin

Spain Assessment Day

TBC- Madrid
TBC- Barcelona

Egypt Assessment Day

TBC- Alexandria

Greece Assessment Day

TBC- Athens

UK Assessment day

TBC- London

Spain Assessment Day

TBC- Malaga 

Lebanon Assessment Day

TBC- Beirut 

Ukraine Assessment Day

TBC- Kiev 

Jordan Assessment Day

TBC- Amman

Portugal Assessment Day

TBC- Lisbon

South Africa Assessment Day

TBC- Johannesburg
TBC- Cape Town 

UAE Assessment Day

TBC- Abu Dhabi

Netherlands Assessment Day

TBC- Amsterdam

Australia Assessment day

TBC- Melbourne
TBC- Sydney

Canada Assessment Day

TBC- Montreal
TBC- Toronto

Hong Kong Assessment Day

TBC- Hong Kong

Switzerland Assessment Day

TBC- Switzerland

Bahrain Assessment Day

TBC- Manama

Belarus Assessment Day

TBC- Minsk

France Assessment Day

TBC- Marseille

Russia Assessment Day

TBC- Moscow

Romania Assessment Day

TBC- Bucharest

Taiwan Assessment Day

TBC- Taipei

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