What are our values?

Our brand values shape every aspect of our business, inspiring us to continue shaping the future of aviation. They guide our daily work, drive our internal culture, and help us deliver on our promise to help people Choose Well.


We recognise that people are unique, so we ensure they have exceptional choices based on what they value most.


We are safety-focused and precise, bringing excellence to everything we do, and winning trust as a result.


We treat people kindly and always make the extra effort to ensure every step of their journey is seamless.


We are innovative and forward-looking, adapting to market surroundings so we always exceed expectations

Providing for our customers

We recognise that our success is ultimately dependent on our ability to deliver the warmest welcome, the most personal service and a consistently positive experience to existing and prospective customers.

Responsible as a team

We believe we achieve more by working together, celebrating the diversity of our colleagues and customers, respecting different cultures and perspectives, and ensuring we all feel at home within the Etihad family.

Innovation driven

We are resourceful and resilient in our response to change, constantly adapting and innovating better ways of working. We deliver a consistent service that surprises and delights our

Driving business sustainability

With a number one priority of safety, we take the long-term view. We pay equal attention to the continuous development and success of our business, our people, and the role we play in the
continued growth and prosperity of Abu Dhabi.

Ensuring trust

Etihad is founded on trust and our uncompromising commitment to safety, in all we do. We empower our people and stay true to our vision of the future, always
operating with integrity. We communicate openly and honestly, and we always take accountability for delivering on our promises.