Lead Airworthiness Engineer - Etihad Engineering

Lead Airworthiness Engineer - Etihad Engineering


Abu Dhabi, AE





The Lead Airworthiness Engineer is a member of the Office of Airworthiness (OoA) within the Part/CAR21J Design Organisation (DO) and responsible for supporting the Head of Airworthiness post holder (MA) for the functions of the Office of Airworthiness to ensure compliance with all relevant procedures as defined in the Design Organisation Handbook (DOH), Design Organization Procedures (DOP) and Technical Procedures Manual (TPM). He/she is responsible for activities which directly influence the regulatory compliance and quality of the design products.


  • To monitor new regulations and guidance materials issued by the Agency.
  • To ensure DOH, DOP and TPM are amended as necessary.
  • To ensure that all design activities performed are within the terms of approval as specified in the design organisation approval certificate.
  • To ensure the classification of the changes and repairs designed by the organisation is correct.
  • To check that all compliance documents are prepared as necessary to demonstrate compliance with regulations, as well as for completeness.
  • To submit major change data (including AFM, MEL, OSD, etc.) to the Agency to acquire Supplemental Type Certificate.
  • To ensure design data archive and staff records are maintained and controlled by the Office of Airworthiness.
  • To develop and deliver specific trainings for DO staff.
  • To support the Design Organization contractor/subcontractor monitoring program by ensuring the initial and surveillance desk or on-site audits are performed and related interface agreement is signed.
  • To support internal and external audits; to investigate any non-compliance finding and to ensure prompt corrective actions to remedy any safety, quality or compliance deficiencies and monitor the effectiveness of the corrective action plans.
  • To support the activities as a response to a failure (accident / incident / in-service occurrence), evaluation and complaints from the operation.
  • To perform independent checking and verification of compliance with applicable requirements.
  • To ensure original design data are kept as per regulations, safe from any threat of damage, alteration or theft, and placed in a secure and controlled environment. 
  • To ensure that all digital records are accessible to DO staff as required.

Education & Experience

  • Hold an engineering qualification in the field of Aeronautical, Mechanical or Electrical/Electronics Engineering. A post graduate (Masters) qualification is preferred.
  • Have a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in aerospace industry, of which at least five (5) years’ experience as a post holder or Certification Verification Engineer  in an EASA/GCAA Design or Production organization [Equal FAA or NAA experience is acceptable].
  • Be able to demonstrate an in depth knowledge and understanding of EASA Part 21 and/or GCAA CAR 21, airworthiness requirements (JAR/CS/FAR25) and DO Handbook and associated procedures.
  • Have an understanding of the interfaces between EASA Part 21, Part 145 and Part M (and/or GCAA CAR 21, CAR 145 and CAR M) regulations.
  • Be uninfluenced by time and projects pressures and maintain an uncompromised position towards certification.

About Etihad Engineering
Etihad Engineering is offering industry leading aircraft maintenance and engineering solutions including airframe maintenance, component repair, overhaul services and technical training, with a team of around 2,000 professionals from around the world. We have vast experience on Airbus and Boeing aircraft, delivering an extensive range of services such as advanced composite repair, cabin refurbishment and component repair. We are spearheading Abu Dhabi’s vision of being a global aerospace hub of the future and playing a crucial role in supporting economic growth and diversification in the United Arab Emirates.
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